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So, we decided we'd go to New Mexico for our annual out-of-state trip. We decided to be like old people and go to the Balloon Festival in New Mexico in October. We wanted to ride a balloon and just enjoy the chilly weather, plus it's in driving distance so we wouldn't have to worry about airfare.

Because it's a special event, even with my Hilton discount- there are NO rooms available at a discounted price. Rooms go, everywhere, for about $199 a night.

The biggest bummer- Balloon rides, for an hour, are $350 per person. That's a month's worth of rent.

I'm a little hearbroken, but we've decided we should go somewhere else. You know, unless we decided to play the lotto and win it big.

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You have to think in terms of overall success... one monster in one week? That's cool. That's fucking ALL RIGHT, actually, because one every once in awhile doesn't hurt too much. It's just that sometimes one can lead to like five, and that's what you want to avoid.

I'm still rah rah rah-ing for ya.

Anyway I'm actually in the basement now because the attic is unbearable in the summertime, yeah I did have an orange octopus drawing but I sent it to stupid head in Maine. He's a shit licker for not sending me anything to compensate but meh, what else is new.

You should go to the Ozarks for your out of state thing. Driving distance plus the Ozarks fucking rule, my cousins have land there, they just ride around on jet skis all day. It's rad and you should peep that. It's in Southern Missouri.
I'm sad because I can't post a comment on your new post. ;_; So... hi. Here is a comment, here, because... ;_; ... ;_____________________; lol jk :D FACES :D:D:D:D;dd;D:D:D:D:DD::D:D:D__)._.0_.
AW NO SAD FACE!!!! ;___; *glmop fondle molest*

:D See, DO YOU SEE?! Ah, looovin youuuuu.. is easy cause you're
beauuutiiifffulll.. do em do em do doooooo...

I smell like wet cat food. We got a new kitty, I'm debating between naming her Hell and Adio, anyways... she's a terrible sloppy eater and I was cleaning her, but the smell lingered on my hands even after washing them. Siiiigggh.

Is it weird that I'm hungry now? :B
omg name her hell. i vote for hell.

thats sweet that youre going to vegas, the only time i was ever in vegas was a fleeting trip through when i was coming back from cali this year... um... needless to say i hate vegas. :D

its not weird that youre hungry late at night... but you shouldnt eat! people think that if they eat late at night their body will digest food while they sleep but actually your body needs to be awake and doin shit to digest stuff, so it actually keeps you awake and makes you fat.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. im feeling better nao but i guess its allergies so i have to take antihistamine.

lol i meant "is it weird that i'm hungry" cause of the smell of the cat food on me. :3 but yeah i dont usually eat at night. very rarely anymore.

we ended up naming her adio. pronounced audio. cause... adio is one of my favorite shoe brands and cause all she does is meow, unless she's sleeping. i mean, i asked javi what he liked better and he likes adio, so our next cat (cause we will probably have one more i imagine) will be named hell :D.

yay for you feeling better! :D