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People make them.

When people love you, or, a person loves you, they forgive you. I feel insanely fortunate to have Javier, no matter how much I bitch about things, he's the only one for me the only one I want and the only one I need. I've let something off my chest and I feel clean again. I love him so very much. I'm glad he forgave me for what I did. (And no, Nina, if you read this I haven't told you or ANYONE about it, except Guillermo. So don't be mad, I loves you.)

I really wanna thank Melissa... because, we were talking about some things, her and me and our issues and just catching up because I rarely see her, and she told me something I already knew but I guess when somsone else tells you it makes more sense.

People love in different ways.

It's the obvious. I mean, I pour my love out for all to see, I'm insanely affectionate and I guess I just wanted it in return, but she pointed out that Javier loves in the best way he can, and even though it's not super mushy and it's not in songs or paintings, it's there and he means it. I believe him now, I did before, but now more than ever.

I do trust Javier, and I do believe him, but I guess I'm jealous by nature and sometimes it just gets the best of me. I'm working on it. I think there is no where our relationship can go but up from here.

I'll be logged onto AIM today while I'm at work. So text, or IM me, I'll be working so if you don't get an immediate response just chill, I'm not suppose to have my phone at work, so I gotta be sneaky about it. <3
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