Lily (funyon) wrote,

July = Uber Busy.


Ok so, so far July has been a busy busy month for me. I work from 3pm-Midnight Monday-Friday, so my only days off are the Weekends, which is about to change because we're going back to mandatory Saturdays. Sooo...

Work. Then Saturday I spent at home for the 4th; it was super effing hot and it kinda sucked, only because of the heat + humidty. I always enjoy hanging out at home with family and eating BBQ. Sunday was spent with Tony D. Food + Movies = Happy Lily.

Back to work Monday-Friday. Saturday is Staci & Jay's wedding, which is actually on one of my mandatory work Saturday's, so I had to dip into my vacation time; I was only given 9 days of vacation so I reeeaaallly didn't wanna use it, but you only get married once (well... in rare cases, I think this is one of them) so I used one day for that. I think something is happening Sunday, either with Nina or Family, I'm not sure.

Work again next week + working Saturday. Same for the following week. I really want a day where I can just stay at home and do nothing... well, maybe clean, the apartment is pretty messy because all I've been doing is sleeping and working. Which is pretty exhausting, especially since my neck has been stiff for a whole week now. Keith (our on-site phsysican) was on vacation, so I've been waiting to talk to him about it. We tried massaging and sleeping different ways, but it still hurts like hell.

I gotta go check on these airlines tickets to Vegas now. I hear that Southwest is having a price battle until 9pm tonight with some other airlines, so let's hope I find some cheap ass tickets!
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