Lily (funyon) wrote,

Dear Internets,

I miss you.
I am saving money and trying to catch up on all my lame bills that are overdue.
When I do, I will get some internets in my house, and we can be together again.



It's funny cause I just wrote a myspace blog about how much I hate the internet, well.. not the internet, but... read it if you're curios. So work is going good so far. I'm on first shift until the end of the week and then I get to go back to 2nd shift... which is when I will dye my hair orange. Can you guess why! :D It's super lame, but so am I.

In other news, I saw some movies. I saw UP, which was pretty fucking depressing in the opening. Parts throught the movie made me cry too, but that's cause I'm a big fat pussy bitch. Saw the Hangover last night, which was also good. I enjoyed it.

Started talking to Tony again. I know we went through a lot of stuff, but we're ok now. Javi's ok with it too. Which makes me love him more, that he's not some crazy jealous insecure person like I am. I miss Stine. I haven't seen him in forever, so... I need to make that happen too. I'm also anticipating Knebel moving back in a few weeks. I miss those days of hanging out with the Nathans, aw.

What else, what else...

Bugg and Adio are adapting to eachother a little more, which is good...

OH RIGHT, so... tell me if I'm ridiculous about this.

Went to the Girl In A Coma show and felt horrible, I felt even worse cause Nina and Tavo and Javi were there, and Javi ended up sitting out on the bleachers with me cause I had one of my random dizzy/shaky spells... I felt even worse cause Tavo and Nina don't really know eachother and I just leftthem there, and bad that Javi had to sit out with me... well, he didn't have to, but he did...

So there's this guy, probably in his 50's or a very aged 40 year old. Pleated shorts, a white V-Neck shirt, thick black rimmed glasses, and thin buisness socks pulled up with penny loafers. He also had what seemed to be a video bag around him. He was pacing back and forth, hunched over and occasionally talking to himself. He'd stop and glance at people from time to time, but it was mostly pacing. I just watched him, and... is it weird that I'm more interested in people like that then, oh, say the super hot random guy or any of the other rockabilly looking kids? I couldn't help but wonder if something was wrong... maybe he was born that way, maybe he was just worried, maybe something terrible happened.... he lost his wife, never loved again and just was lonely and crazy. I told Javi, "don't you ever wonder about people like that?" and he jokingly said "Oh, they're highly trained." which made me giggle a bit, but I went back to wondering what was up with this guy.

I dunno, I've always thought that, you know? Like the lady downtown who sits on the same corner all the time and always just looks sad. I'm not sure if she's homeless or not, she's very colorful and always has this huge bag with her, but she always looks so sad.

Eh, ok... enough bloggin for now.
I'm gonna hunt down a survey and save that for tomorrow I think, I gotta get back to the apartment and make dinner.

Loooooveeee you.

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