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Have you ever kissed someone in a bathroom?
-Two people, actually. Javier, when we were at Mandylan's house long ago. We did it on her sink and broke it, that's when Javi first told me he loved me, too, haha. Oh, then again at Rain on my birthday last year. With Melissa. It was hot. :3

What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?
-I'm drinking power-c vitaminwater right now.

Ever kissed someone else's boyfriend/girlfriend?
-Nah, I'm not down with that.

Are you afraid of roller coasters?
-Patrick took me to Six Flags when he was here last year and I got siiiiick, so I've got a little phobia of them now.

Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
-Cold. I heart winter.

What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
-Watched Star Trek, and giggled cause the guy after us wanted "Two for Star Wars". Hehe.

Have you ever broken someone's heart?
-On accident, and then in return for breaking mine. :)

Believe in love at first sight?

Name someone that made you laugh today:
-Rowan. Reading her silly answers.

When is your birthday? 
-March 12, same as Cladio's. *_* swooooon. 

Where do you wish you were right now? 
-Right now? Sleeping, in bed next to Javi. 

How many girls do you trust? 
-I trust about 4 girls, and only 2 of them I trust telling evvvverything. 

How many guys do you trust? 
-Javi... and, uh, that's about it. 

Do you curse in front of your parents? 
-Nope. I said the F word on the phone once with my Mom cause I was venting to her, then apologized like jaj03428391 million times. 

At what age do you want to be married?
-If that were to happen, the whole married thing, I'd want it to happen before I'm all old. 28.

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
-How does it make her head smell like spit o___O? I'm so confused!

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
-I was born cause my Mom and Dad did the dirty.

Are you a jealous person?
-Yeah, it stems from my insecurity. :/

What time did you go to sleep last night? 
-I triiiied going to bed by 1, but fucking mosquitos came outta no where and bit my hand. ITCHES ON YOUR HAND ARE THE WORST! I couldn't scratch the right area and I kept tossing and turning. It sucked. 

What did you do yesterday?
-Work. Eat Schlotzsky's with Javi. Nap. Clean. Watch Star Trek. Buy Groceries. Wash Clothes. Sleep.

How's your heart lately?
-Thiiisss is such a piiiiittty, we should give our love to eaccchooother...That question reminded me of Weezer, "How is your heart little darling?"..

Did you dream of anything? 
-Not lately (BTW Rowan, you're dreams are ridiculous! Why can't I have dreams like that...) I had a dream that like, Radiohead were playing out in the open fields, like a little festival. Thom got offstage to sing with the crowd, "No Surprises" and he turned around and saw me singing, he smiled, I smiled, we sang, and jsut walked out into the fieldy horizon singing No Surpises. It was weird, but awesome. Just like that weird dream I had about Serj Tankian, where we just sat at the Bus Stop talking about random things. 

Do you look your age?
-When I saw I'm 24 people go "D: Really?! I thought you were like 19!". I look like a kid.

Whether you believe in abortion or not, don't you think it's wrong to have government regulate what you do with your own body? 
-Totally. It's up to each individual.  

Do you think believing in God makes a person stronger or weaker, why or why not?
-For me, I don't think it does much. For my Mom, she thanks God for everything... I remember we were eating dinner and she was like "Did you Thank God for that food?" and I was like, "No, but I'll thank you and Dad." I think that hurt her feelings a little, so I felt bad. As soon as she was outta surgery she thanked God for getting her through, so I respect her beliefs and I think it helps her get through tough times.

Would you ever marry a cowboy?
-If Javi were a cowboy.

Don't you hate hearing about everyone's little problems when there are actual, real problems out there that are so much worse? 
-I like listening, so no matter what I'll listen to anything anyone has to say. Except when I overhear someone crying about their parent's taking their credit card away... Like a bunch of these snooty UT kids that have it all. e_e 

Is Starbucks really worth the $5.00 a cup it charges? 
-Mmm, I finally remembered what Jesus ordered me. Iced Mocha Frappacion. :o==-- drroool. 

Are you receiving a second stimulus?
-Usually abour 3 or 4.... IN MY PANTS. ;D

Do you think gas will go up, now that Obama has secured the White House?
"I think that Obama is gonna take a big negro shit on your face." ROFLMAO XD 

Do you believe he can actually induce change into our nation, or will everything steadily stay the same?
-I got my job back at CFan, so I'm happy :D!

How do you feel about the War in Iraq? 
-I'll be honest, I don't kee 

How do you feel about those new screamo bands? 
-I need an example ;-; I'm bad with genres. 

So, who's rootin' for a High School Musical 4?
-No. Sadface.

Do you think it's better for a teenager to receive a really crappy car as their first car or a really nice one, why or why not?
-A crappy car. You never keep your first car. I guess also cause I resent all those stupid preppy ass kids at high school that got brand spanking new cars their junior year and didn't pay for shit. My first car cost my 500$! And I worked for it >=O!

What's the best and worst things about a snow day? 
-I don't know cause we've never had one. *heartberak* 

I'm sorry, but don't cotton balls just give you the creeps? 
-I can't touch cotton balls. ;-; Their texture, I dunno why, but it sends tingles down my back. My dad used to pick cotton.  

Don't you think everyone would be much happier if they just sat back and took a deep breath?
HAHA WEED. Legalize it!

What about homeless people, couldn't they just get a job like the rest of us?
-Maybe, we have shelters here and they offer their address as a place of residence. I really hate bums that follow you around and harass you though. I give monies here and there, which I shouldn't cause I'm poor, but when I really don't have any, I always run into the mean ones. 

Would you ever work at McDonald's?
-If I had to I guess.

What about somewhere where you had to wear a really horrible uniform, like Hot Dog On A Stick?


Have you ever got a puppy and it grew up way bigger than it was supposed to?
-Nah, I thought Riko was gonna be huge, cause he was a german shepard, but he musta been a runt cause he was way small. Zane too, for a pit bull he was tiny.

Do you take in every stray you can from the street and keep it as your own? 
-Not with Bugg around. I did when I was little and lived in Cali, I had like 13 cats at one time. They were all tiny kittens that lived in my doll house, but still. 

What is the best gaming console, in your opinion? Why?
-I'm pretty in love with my 360 so far, so... yeah.

Is it really that entertaining to watch shows like America's Got Talent and American Idol? 
-I dont really watch tv, so I don't know what America's Got Talent is, as for Idol, I really hate that show. 

What about reality shows like Survivor and etc? 
-I like Scrubs and House. :D And the Office, of course. 

Do you like comedic shows like The Office and Scrubs?
-I beat you to this answer!

Are you one of the few South Park hasn't offended yet (meaning you actually still watch it)?
-I agree with Rowan, I'm pretty bored with that show.

Do you think people are offended entirely too easily these days? 
-People are stupid. Like the Highland mall incident during the Texas Relays- they closed the mall down due to lack of security and past videos show lots of fights breaking out during the Texas Relays of past years, so, they do what they think needs to be done, they close the mall early and what do all the Texas Relay People say, "That's Racist!". Wtf. Same thing with the kid that got shot last week, he was wanted, he had a gun, he was fighting with cops, he ran, they shot, now it's "Racist" cause he was black. Ugh. 

If your friend borrows your car and has an accident, are you covered?

-I dunno, I haev full coverage, so maybe?  I don't need it though.

Do you think file sharing (downloading music) is really that horrible of a crime? 
- It's a personal thing. I know people that refuse to download ANYTHING or accept burned cds. Me, the only think I wont download are like, Radiohead and Coheed, only because I want teh album art.

Shouldn't the musicians care a little less if their music is shared around the internet for free, I mean they do make at least a billion a year, right? 
-When you think of all the shit they pay, touring costs, tour staff, etc... they probably don't bring home "billions" or else they wouldn't care. Really though, stores need to lower the prices of CDs. I miss paying 8.99 for new cds versus the stupid 15.99 they charge now. 

Do you really think diamonds are a girl's best friend?
-Not really. I love plastic chunky jewlery ^-^.

You wouldn't prefer a walk in the park instead? 
-Instead of what? Getting mauled by a sabertooth infected with rabis? Sure. 

Aren't rechargeable batteries the best? Do you have any? 
-I always forget to charge mine, too. ;-; 

What is the point to light yellow gel pens that don't show up well on white or black paper?

Do you take vitamins?
-We suck young blood!

Are you a health food nut?

Don't you know no matter how healthy you eat, you are still breathing in our horrible air that is completely polluted?
-Gimme Fuel Gimme Fire Gimme that which I desiiiiree!!! >=O

Do your legs itch after you shave?
-Not anymore! My Mom bought me one of those intuition razors and omg my legs feel gooood. The blades are super expensive though. ;-;

Do you file your fingernails? 
-I chew them off.  

Don't you just hate it that everyone is born with a hair color they don't want so they all dye it a color they do want?
-People are always unhappy witht heir hair. Curly hair people want straight hair, straight hair people want curly, I want orange hair... Change is nice.

Is a good sound system in a car something that is important to you? 
-Yes, because I love driving downtown when everyone is getting ready to go clubbin and all that, and blasting Tejano music really loud with lots of bass. :3 

What would be your deciding factors in buying a car, with a limited budget, of course?
-I want a red Nissan Versa. ;-;.

Would you factor in gas and insurance premiums as well, or would you focus just on the car and how nice you'd look in it?
-Gas and comfyness.

Have you ever given a dog peanut butter?
-Actually, no...

Don't you hate all those questions about your exes all the time? 
-They don't really bother me. 

Do you think they will keep raising the price of stamps until they are $10.00 each?

What about Now CDs, do you think they will be producing them until they are up to Now 10,000?
- i miss the punk-o-rama Cds, are those around anymore?

Would you want pearly white carpet in your house?
-I want grass green carpet so I always feel outdoorsy. :B

What about black carpet?

Do you like plastic blinds or wood blinds better? 
-o_o Wtfs. Lol, it's cool. I have plastic blinds, but not by choice. I like curtains. 

Do you know what the "massage" settings on fancy showerheads are REALLY used for?
-It massages my back and feels ooooh so good.

Do you like really short people or really tall people better?
-I dunno, I feel like a giant around Zach and Steve's girlfriends, I'm only like 2 inches taller but their petite so that makes me feel ginormous. So I like being around tall boys, and tall girls, so I don't feel so big. 

GEE that was a long survey. (Yes, yes it was. x_X It's too early for this much!)
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