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Life as of now...

So I've gotten two calls about Bugg. One lady called to say (she lives up on the third floor of my building) that two cats were fighting Sunday night around 10:30, she said they were at it for a while and she had to come out and make noise for them to scramble. She said that they both seemed to walk away just fine though.

Another lady called to say she had seen Bugg for the past two days on the winding road behind Target, which makes sense cause it's tall grass and dirt and some dry spots, which Bugg loves to roll around in. We walked around the area and called her name, came across another pretty cat, but it wasn't her. So, no luck yet.

Yesterday was my Mom's surgery. She got to the hospital around 8am. They started on her around 10:30am, and she wasn't done til 2pm. We didn't get to see her until 4 (and they left us hanging for an hour, which was nerve wrecking.) We finally saw her and she was still heavily medicated. It was funny and weird and sad seeing her like that. She was like a little kid. I fed her a popsicle cause for some reason her lips were super dry and chapped. And pale... which was scary cause she looked like my Grandma... which didn't really offer me any comfort if you know what I mean.

I'm going by there today. She was suppose to be released today, but they may keep her til Friday. My Dad tried staying the night with her, but his back pains were so bad he got sick and had to go home. I want to stay with her, but I know it's not needed and I'd hate to be like, "Hey, I know my alst day is Friday, but I'm not coming in the next two days!". Ugh.

So, that's it as of now. Hopefully the rest of the week turns in a different direction.
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